Pi-Dev is for now only a team name - consisting me and several friends.

We are focused in game development and game design, and in fact, in our no-longer maintained portfolio, there are only games (with an exception of a small social networking site and a discarded Web CMS).

Games like phystris and Super Mario 2011 are the only really completed valuable projects of our small friendly team for now, but soon, our new puzzle-platformer metroidvania ColorBlend FX may change the fate of us by being the first, real, published game. Or at least, this is our primary dream,

Our team (let's say just some random friends):

  • Peter "PeterSvP" Petrov, the lead gamer, programmer and designer,
  • Vergil "Dr Gigguls" Penkov, business consultation and other stuff
  • Delyan "Spytheman" Angelov, Linux techy guy who offers hosting
  • Iliyan "DARKS" Kateliev, who makes awesome music pieces.

Stay in touch with us:

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