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pi|engine (Pi Engine) is a multiplatform game creation software suite, aimed to ease the development and the design of 2D and 3D genre-independent games.

It is still under development, we are expecting pre-alpha release soon.

The project conststs of the game engine runtime, ported to different platforms, and the integrated development environment for rapid game development Creator IDE.

pi|engine is different from the most other game creation software suites and engines by technical design because instead of producing some special kind of data and wasting performance while interpreting it, Creator IDE is a high-level code generator. We are not using Lua or JavaScript here, we are generating C++ code and compiling it with Visual Studio or gcc for maximum performance. This is achieved with integration of the open-source programming language Haxe, which is very similar to C# and Java.

Designers import the assets - graphics, sounds, models, developers write object classes and level designers place these in Scenes.

While pi|engine targets primarily casual 2D game development as for now, in the near future advanced 3D features will become available, making pi|engine fully-functional multi-purpose multimedia application development solution.

Planned game engine features:

  • Object-oriented event-driven architecture
  • Game controls system
  • 2D and 3D modes, that can be mixed
  • Advanced, conditional scene graph, allowing conditional worlds
  • Scenes have layers, layers have other layers and game objects
  • Grid layers for grid-based games that provide special optimizations
  • Octree layers for even more flexibility
  • "Load while play" and chunk-based world streaming
  • Graphics effect system for special effects
  • Tracked module music support
  • Post-screen video processing for even more effects
  • Per-pixel colision detection for sprites but masks are supported
  • Per-polygon colision detection for models
  • Out-of-the-box 2D and 3D physics
  • Per-pixel lighting
  • Network sockets for multiplayer games
  • Network synced game objects for even easier networking
  • HTTP queries for web-services
  • And much more.

Not all features are available on all platforms, but it is not difficult to check if something is supported, or not.

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