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pi|engine creator is our state of the art integrated development environment for rapid game development. It is the most essential part of pi|engine. The IDE features everything you need in the process of game creation. Still under development.


Basic IDE features:

  • Build targets for better cross-platform support from one codebase
  • Programming code editor where you write custom game objects or custom functionality, using the Haxe language
  • Image editor where you import your game sprites and textures and assebmle them for usage in the other IDE modules
  • Model loader where you import 3D models and prepare them for usage in the other IDE modules *
  • Sound importer where you set-up your sounds for use in your game *
  • Powerful Scene editor where you and your collegues build and set-up the game world.
  • Font editor for importing TTF, OTF or sprite-based fonts into your games *
  • Filter editor for development of 2D image filters by using fragment shaders *
  • Graphic Effects editor for defining multi-pass rendering effects using shaders or drawing algorithms *
  • Sprite Sheet importer for getting animations from 2D sprite sheets right into your games *
  • Tileset editor in case you are crating tile-based games *
  • Game publishing wizard to easy publish your creation into the stores we support *

* Functionality that will not be available into the first preview version

Some of the Scene Editor features:

  • Object inspector where you can set all the properties of the objects
  • Hierarchical Layers support - the scene consists of layers, and layers can contain other layers, game objects or everything that can live in a layer
  • Layer object importers, useful for loading levels from other applications or importing them from real world (the Image processing importer)
  • Voxel terrains, including Minecraft inspired "Design while play" editing approach
  • Heightmap terrain tools and generators
  • Simulation tools, including foliage growing tool, explosion tool and destruction tool.
  • And many more...

Team focused

Creator IDE is not just targetted about game development, it is targetted in team-based game development. Game programmers can collaborate using good old version control systems, and designers can do their job like playing a video game - just open the Scene Editor and tell your partner to join the editing session. And this can be profitable - our Asset Store (a feature that will appear in the future) is the place where you can share or sell your add-ons and game resources.

Collaboration and social features:

  • Version Control systems integration for team-work and collaboration
  • Multiplayer level design for better experience.
  • Asset Store where developers and designers sell an buy game resources


Assets, assets, everybody is talking about them... these are all the graphics, sprites, fonts, 3D models and similar resources that will help you develop your games. With no meaning are you making a fan-made remake or a commercial quality game, there is the asset store - a place you can find anything you need. Or if you are an artist, you can sell your work into our Asset Store.

Asset support and handling features:

  • Over 30 2D image formats by utilizing ImageMagick library
  • Over 30 3D model formats by utilizing the Assmp library
  • DirectShow integration for audio import
  • Native WAV and OGG Vorbis format support
  • Tracked module music format support: MOD, IT, XM, S3M
  • Asset monitoring - just hit Save into your 2D/3D authoring tool and get contents updated in seconds
  • Asset Store where developers and designers sell an buy game resources

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